Patriot I-9 | Electronic I-9 & E-Verify

E-Verify is mandatory for federal contractors

E-Verify is mandatory for Federal Contractors in order to keep their federal contracts with the E-Verify clause.  As a Federal contractor, you also have the additional responsibility to confirm the compliance of your sub-contractors working with you on the Federal project.  This working can seem overwhelming, but at Patriot I-9 we make it easy.


What is the Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR") clause?

The FAR Clause on applies to employers with federal contracts or subcontracts that contain the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) E-Verify clause (also commonly referred to as Executive Order 12989 or EO12989). These employers have the option to either:

  • E-Verify all new hires AND all employees assigned to work on a federal contract; or
  • E-Verify all new hires AND their entire workforce. (Most Federal Contractors find it simpler and safer to E-Verify all employees in order to minimize the risk of inadvertently missing a specific employee that has worked on a federal contract).

the patriot i-9 federal contractor solution

We do the work for you!

Just send us a payroll file and all your existing paper I-9’s. We’ll take your existing I-9’s, convert them to electronic I9s and auto-submit them to E-Verify. You can easily track the process from the Patriot I-9 homepage and view/run real-time reports for all employees at any company location.

Patriot I-9 Designated AgentPatriot I-9 was the first cloud-based solution approved by the Department of Homeland Security in 2007.  Importantly, our online I-9 is quality-checked by the Department of Homeland Security on an annual basis making it virtually impossible for your employees to make a mistake and reducing your risk of U.S> government penalties and fines for non-compliance.

the benefits of the patriot i-9 federal contractor solution?

  • Time and Cost savings – no need to manually E-Verify every employee one at a time.
  • Single point of control – Patriot I9 will submit the E-Verify queries on your behalf.
  • Error-Checking – no need to sort through existing I9’s to identify errors or if a New I-9 is required for respective employees; We ensure that no employee is overlooked – inadvertently jeopardizing your federal contract.