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Automate Form I-9 completion using our easy-to-use, cloud-based, electronic I-9 & E-Verify software.

PATRIOT I-9 Introduction

Thousands of I-9's, No fines.

In 2007, Patriot I-9 was created by I-9 experts. We've been in business for over 14 years. That's staying power.

Patriot I-9 is the most user-friendly, accurate, and error-free I-9 solution used by U.S. Businesses.

So take advantage of our expertise. Get the most comprehensive end-to-end compliance solution available.

Patriot I9

ICE is Coming.
Will you be ready for your Audit?

ICE has announced that U.S. businesses face a 95% chance of an Audit in the next 10 years.

+80% of paper I-9's have errors.

With fines of up to $250.00 per error and $2,500 per I-9 form, is this a risk you are willing to take with your business?

ICE Raid

patriot i-9 is a Designated Agent of the department of homeland security

Patriot I-9 Designated Agent

patriot i-9 is A certIfied E-Verify software

Patriot I9 Everify Agent


Many competitors charge up to $5,000 just to get started, and make you sign an annual contract. Not Patriot I-9.

No annual contract – all clients are billed monthly.

eliminate the risks and expense of your paper process



  • It takes a lot of time and effort to get new employees to complete forms properly, review them for accuracy and completeness.
  • Who has time to stay up to date on the over 1,200 I-9 rules HR professionals have to keep track of?

Increased government scrutiny

  • Companies now stand a 95% chance of being audited within the next 10 years.
  • An company might be exposed to thousands (or more) in  federal fines, with average recommended fines of $2,300 per substantive I-9 error.
  • Strict deadlines must be met to complete I-9s to confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the U.S.

Errors on paper I-9 forms

  • Too many firms still use a paper I-9 process, subjecting them to significant  financial risk.
  • +80% of paper I-9 forms have at least one fineable error, significantly higher than electronic 1-9s with verification.
  • Without a central repository, forms are lost, creating audit risk.

Company embarassment

  • Companies found to have I-9 and immigration problems can quickly find themselves featured in the 24-hour media cycle and social media videos. creating risk to their reputation.

Patriot I-9 adDresses every key concern.

Patriot I-9

Increased Efficiency

  • Designed specifically for firms that require full I-9 compliance, Patriot I-9’s capabilities and ease of use make perfect compliance simple and intuitive for HR and legal teams.
  • Smart workflows submit eligible I-9 records automatically to E-Verify® as they’re completed to ensure on-time processing.
  • API integration with your existing HRIS systems distributes clean data across all departments, with Single Sign-On (SSO).
Patriot I-9

Error Reduction + Improved Compliance

  • Patriot I-9 is the only simple and smart I-9 compliance software that deliver error-free I-9s every time.
  • Identify errors for immediate correction.
  • Establish detailed audit trails to ensure fully compliant forms.
  • A personalized dashboard keeps each manager focused on open items that need attention to assure on-timPatriot e submission.
Patriot I-9

Command & Control Dashboard

  • Manage all I-9s forms from a single dashboard using a fully encrypted, cloud-based solution to ensure data protection, with real-time reporting tools.
Patriot I-9

Paper Form Conversion / Scanning

Use our paper form scanning to effortlessly convert hundreds of archived paper I-9s into compliant and easily manageable electronic forms, including E-verify (if desired)


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