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I an my wife’s third husband, she can be extremely attractive and sexually exciting

I an my wife’s third husband, she can be extremely attractive and sexually exciting

I an my wife’s third husband, she can be extremely attractive and sexually exciting

I think it’s way past time that men admit that marriage is mostly only good for a max of 10 years, after that it’s time to bust and run! You should go into marriage with a plan for exit at 10 years, put money aside for her because she’s gonna take it one way or another! start shopping for another woman at least a year in advance and once your with the new woman start your new plan. you can stop playing the survival game once she is past 55 or 60.


While not good friends with her exes, I have spoken with them enough to know she has engaged in the same pattern. When a relationship is new and exciting and even a little dangerous, she is unbelievable; as soon as she gets what she says she wants, she loses interest. This is not just related to sex, it pretty much applies to anything. The game is all about the getting, as soon as she gets anything she loses interest. Quite frankly, our relationship is best when I cease to try or cease to care. I have tried a lot of things over the years. I agree with the comment above that no matter what, it is too much too little, not enough; have just accepted this is the way it is and am at a point where I no longer believe there is such a thing as a good marking time. FYI, while not a paragon of male attractiveness, I exercise routinely (and get compliments from women who are not my wife) and make enough money to put us well above average in income. We live in a nice house with nice cars and a fair amount of discretionary income. So I am marking time until I die or she dies because I have given up on this aspect of my life. Hope she reads it, she will understand “Fredly” although is not my real name. I know she will not because, quite frankly, she is just not interested. On the other hand, she cares deeply about how much money I make. Yay!


Your article is very insightful. We’ve been ore that 25 years and my desire for her hasn’t changed one bit. I realize that she’s currently struggling with menopause and the changes happening she see’s happening her body and I’m trying to understand and be there for her, but I do get frustrated hearing her constant negative comments about herself and her body – especially because I think she looks awesome and tell her that every chance I get. In all honesty, her lack of sexual desire started long before menopause. When I playfully joke with her and make sexual references regarding her, she actually gets mad and makes me feel stupid. To make matters worse, when she notices me looking at her naked/checking her out, she make me feel like a creep. And then, when we actually have sex, which is maybe once or twice and month, its one and done. There’s never a second time. There’s no passion and then there’s the period that follows where she’s just mean/angry towards me – like she’s mad we had sex. I love my wife and I want my wife back. It wasn’t like this in the beginning years of our marriage and there were a lot of things she did then, that she’s absolutely unwilling to do now. Some things are sexual and other things were just signs of intimacy and desire that I miss.

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